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Our Product

The product is 5mm in thickness but we can also provide a 3mm version which can be used as a cupboard facade to instantly freshen up a kitchen quickly and economically!

+ Doesn't suffer from greasy dirty finger prints,

+ Can be wiped clean just with water

+ Doesn't dull over time

+ Repels dust much more than glass and Stainless Steel

+ Comes in large panels (rather than lots of seperate panels.)

All 5mm Acrylic Splashbacks have a Fire rating: BS476 Part 7: Class 3 (3mm and above) in compliance with UK Building Regulations.

+ Can be cut and installed easily

+ Very hard to scratch

+ Light but durable

+ Cheaper than alternatives and looks fantastic!

+ Delivery usually within 3-7 days (the larger the order the longer the processing time)


Clear Protective Panel: BS476 Part 7: Class 1; (3mm and above) in accordance in compliance with UK Building Regulations.

Acrylic Splashbacks Colours Available

Ideal for domestic kitchen environments for all types of hobs and now available for Gas Hob option. (requires purchase of 5mm version of the colour required along with a 5mm clear protective sheet over the top installed 10cm from hob area).

We are proud to provide excellent customer services and a high quality product and are proud to be the No1 acrylic splashback supplier on the internet! This could only be made possible from providing a high quality product made from high grade acrylic that still looks new year after year!

The splashbacks can be self installed and can be glued (strong clear adhesive) or screwed into the wall in one large panel. We will also cut to size for FREE. We can also do cut outs for plugs etc if an accurate cutting guide is sent for  £4.50 per socket.

All Splashbacks are sent with a protective film on either side within protective packaging via reputable courier and sent within 2-5 business days.



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